Luke Munn's 'Monitor' Tells a Tale Through Digital Devices

 - May 12, 2017
References: lukemunn & psfk
'Monitor' is the name of a digital storytelling experiment from artist Luke Munn that explores the use of notifications for weaving together a narrative.

The story told through Monitor is based on a real-life homicide investigation where police put through a warrant for a person's Amazon Alexa data. As Munn describes: "Though the request was denied, this artwork acts as if it was accepted, using 'smart home' notifications to extrapolate from the evening's events: a few friends, a few drinks, a floating body."

Since the notifications continuously appear on-screen, users are able to use a slider to turn back time, or move forward, in order to help themselves piece together the secrets in this fictional story that each individual smart home device is able to reveal.