Vita Bone's 'Good Stuff Pet Truck' Serves Dogs Across the Country

To better serve dogs across the country, the pet food brand 'Vita Bone' decided to create a mobile shop called the 'Good Stuff Pet Truck.' With fun activities for humans and their furry friends, the roving pet shop provides a fun experience for dog owners.

The Good Stuff Pet Truck is a mobile pet shop experience that moves from city to city. At each stop, owners are encouraged to bring their dogs out for a day of activities and tasty treats. The truck itself features a take-out window where dogs can hop up for some free samples of Vita Bone products, including the brand's grain-free Supreme Source pet food and biscuits. The outside of the truck also includes a backyard-style lounge area, where owners are encouraged to take selfies with their pups and socialize with other dog owners.

While the main goal of the mobile pet shop is to promote Vita Bone's grain-free dog food, the events also serves as a fun way for dog owners to connect.