Starbucks and Gingerline are Exploring Scent, Taste and Texture

 - May 16, 2017
References: & eventmagazine
Conventional coffee tastings usually only focus on flavor as it relates to one's sense of taste, but Starbucks is teaming up with Gingerline's Institute of Flavourology to offer a much more in-depth look at coffee.

At the Cold Craft Coffee Testing Facility, attendees will have the chance to explore the flavor, scent and texture of Starbucks' cold craft coffee. In the unique, immersive experience, it is described that "Every taste element will be explored in isolation before seeing how they come together to create each coffee’s complex and full bodied flavor."

Proceeds from ticket sales for the Gingerline Institute of Flavourology x Starbucks event will go towards Send A Cow, which is an organization that helps to directly support people in the coffee farming communities of Africa.