- Dec 20, 2018
Although options like soy milk and almond milk have been widely available to consumers with certain dietary needs and preferences for years, the high demand for dairy-free milk alternatives created a surge in popularity for unique new offerings like oat milk—and along with it, the opportunity for creative oat milk products to be shared.

While brands like Oatly, Silk's new 'Oat Yeah' line, Planet Oat's 'Oatmilk' and the Quaker Oat Beverage help to satisfy the needs of consumers by the bottle and carton, others like Minor Figures' Oat Milk boast "barista-friendly" formulas that are specifically tailored for use in hot beverages.

Oat milk can also now be found as a feature ingredient in everything from non-dairy yogurt products and ready-to-drink coffee cans to ice cream and chocolate bar snacks.

From Oat Milk Ice Creams to Oat-Based Chocolate Bars: