From Swimming Camera Drones to Smartphone Photo Printers

 - Jun 24, 2017
Photography is a snap, but the June 2017 photography concepts here are enough to make it crackle and pop, too. Whether it's smartphone attachments, drones, or any other photography equipment released in June, they're great when it comes to capturing a creative still. Though some of the concepts are fun toys, not all the cameras are for kids. In either case, most consumers can't get enough of that photography technology.

One of the biggest boons for the photography industry in recent years has been the ability to get small. With developments in technology, companies have been able to shrink impressively powerful processors down to minute sizes, engendering cameras in hitherto unimaginable places. Whether in a tiny fish robot like the Biki or shrunk down to fit unnoticeably on a child, as is the case with the Benjamin Button, cameras are ending up in places where early photographers couldn't have predicted.

Not all June 2017 photography developments are about hardware, though. Exif is a new software tool that changes how websites embed images. It uses an invisible watermark (which only appears when someone tries to copy the image) to make sure that photographers are always compensated for their work.