The Exif Tool Prevents People from Using Imagery without Rights

 - Apr 27, 2017
References: & theverge
The internet has proven a difficult domain for protecting one's copyright on pictures because of how easy it is to download or screenshot images, but the Exif tool offers a foolproof alternative to traditional methods like watermarks. The tool applies a system similar to popular video services like YouTube and Vimeo in which images can only be shared through embedding.

When embedding a photo into one's webpage using the Exif tool, that image will automatically get a small 'i' in the top left corner. This accredits the image with the photographer's name as well as other pertinent information (like their Instagram account or the client for whom the photo was originally shot.) And if users try to download the image without permission, black box called a "smart watermark" automatically pops up with a link to that photographer's Exif page.