The Kodak Instamatic Redesign Concept Upgrades the Classic Camera

 - May 22, 2017
References: yankodesign
Photography these days is predominantly done with a smartphone, but purists who still appreciate the functionality of a standalone camera will be pleased to see this Kodak Instamatic redesign concept. Taking the original Kodak Pocket Instamatic from the 70s and giving it a modern overhaul, the new concept features the same 36 exposure film format and features a sleek metal finish over the original plastic option.

Designed by Hoyean Kim and PDF HAUS, the Kodak Instamatic redesign concept modernizes a classic piece of photography equipment to make it relevant for consumers of today. With a distinct focus on convenience maintaining a strong market share, the introduction of retro products that boast a more careful approach to technology could help sway some consumers to rethink their choice.