This Anti-Theft Security Camera Uses AI to Scan for Masks and Guns

 - May 17, 2017
References: & techcrunch
Police assistance could be provided without even making a phone call thanks to new anti-theft security cameras which are being developed in the hopes of deterring burglars. Imagine working at a bank and a masked gunman enters—it could be minutes until you can ensure a safe phone call to the police can be made. One company is aiming to change this through the implementation of security cameras that utilize AI technology to scan for masks and guns, and alert the police with the location of the store should it suspect a burglary is taking place.

Battlefield company Deep Science, the company behind the cameras, describes: "A great deal of security cameras are IP-based, sending their footage to some data center to be archived or, if they pay for it, monitored. Deep Science’s system sits on that stream and runs it through a set of neural networks trained on thousands of hours of real robberies—and a few fake ones."