Weeview's SID Camera Effortlessly Adds Augmented Reality Effects

 - May 17, 2017
References: kickstarter & 3dprint
Weeview's 'SID' is the name of a new camera that promises to introduce a "revolution in 3D storytelling."

The device is introducing itself as the first-ever 3D camera with augmented reality special effects. While there have been plenty of dual-lens stereoscopic cameras built in the past, they typically have bulky designs that prevent them from being carried around easily. SID sets itself apart as an ultra-portable, palm-sized camera.

Some of the incredible kinds of footage that can be captured with SID include 3D livestreams, stable 3D videos and even "Wiggle Grams" that bring still photos to life with added dimensions. To simplify the process of editing photos and videos, Weeview also introduced the SID app.