Purple Frog's 'Snooze Button' Essential Oils Help Promote Relaxation

In an effort to help consumers get more restful sleep, a Calgary-based company called Purple Frog has created all-natural aromatherapy pods that help to promote relaxation. Made from organic plant oils that help to repel insects and freshen the air, the pods are the perfect solution for those looking to make their bedroom a more peaceful place.

Purple Frog is well known for producing non-toxic insect repellent made with essential oils and released via squeezable patches. Using this formula, the brand created its Snooze Button aromatherapy pods as a safe and easy way for consumers to purify their sleep space. Unlike many other air fresheners, the product is made from 100 percent plant-based essential oils and contains no harmful chemicals or synthetic fragrances. The pods also boast the light smell of Lavender and Chamomile to help encourage more restful sleep.

For those looking for a chemical-free way to keep their bedroom smelling fresh, these all-natural air fresheners are a great option.