The 'PupilBox' Anti-Blue Light System Protects and Refreshes Eyes

 - May 8, 2017
References: kickstarter & thegadgetflow
Anyone who has suffered from digital eye strain knows how uncomfortable it can be, so the 'PupilBox' anti-blue light system is intended to offer a way to protect against it and even alleviate the effects of it.

The 'PupilBox' system provides users with a pair of glasses that will filter out blue light that is emitted from the various screens that we look at every day including laptops, smartphones and tablets. The 'PupilBox' kit also comes with artificial tears that can be used to refresh your eyes if you've experienced too much exposure to blue light on any given day.

The 'PupilBox' anti-blue light system is ideal for those who spend hours on end staring at a digital screen and is suitable for use by both adults and kids to effectively stave off digital eye strain.