The MicroMill is Small Enough to Fit on the Average Office Desk

 - May 3, 2017
References: kickstarter
The MicroMill, a new product from RP3D, offers designers, engineers, programmers, and anyone else an incredibly convenient option when it comes to CNC machines. The gadget has a working area of 115 by 100 by 64 millimeters, making it suitable for even the most crowded desk spaces. In fact, its footprint is no larger than that of an A4 notepad.

Not only is the MicroMill smaller than any other consumer CNC machine, but it complements that size with quiet operation. Considering that it might literally grace desktops, reduced noise is essential for it existence in office environments. The machine is also compatible with a wide range of open-source software, so it's primed to fit into most users' workflows seamlessly.