From Cassette Tape MP3 Players to Flat-Screen Retro TVs

 - Jun 25, 2017
From MP3 players shaped like cassette tapes to flat-screen TVs that look like retro entertainment units, the June 2017 tech trends reveal a desire to combine new technology with old designs.

When it comes to music, the resurgence of vinyl records demonstrates that some things simply never go out of style. This same may soon be said of cassette tapes, with products like the cassette tape-shaped MIXXTAPE MP3 music player.

Beyond music, the June 2017 tech trends showcase other outdated electronics reappearing in the form of modern gadgets. For example, the Teleavia Retro TV boasts a sleek flat-screen design, with vintage accents. Similarly, the Astrovox HiFi Audio System is made from African mahogany, which gives the speakers a retro, 70s-inspired aesthetic.