The Futurefarms Spacepot is Beautifully Simple

 - May 18, 2017
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The new 'Spacepot' hydroponic grow system from 'Futurefarms' makes growing your favorite plants as easy as set and wait.

Using the Kratky method of growing that requires no electricity or pumps, this hydroponic grow system is the simplest way to grow beautiful and fresh herbs. Just add nutrients, water and seeds, and in 5 to 6 weeks fresh herbs are ready for consumption. Due to the nutrient-rich water, plants grow faster in a hydroponic grow system than in a traditional pot.

What sets the Spacepot apart from other hydroponic grow systems is its futuristic and elegant design aesthetic. In a stylish, USA-made acrylic box, the Spacebox uses only the highest quality materials for a truly unique experience. This hydroponic grow system comes with an eight month supply of nutrients and basil seeds but almost any herb can be grown in the Spacebox.