The Heatworks MODEL 3 Smart Water Heater Saves Water and Money

 - May 23, 2017
References: kickstarter & thegadgetflow
Virtually every appliance and solution within the home is being outfitted with a series of connected features, so the Heatworks MODEL 3 smart water heater comes as a logical next step in the shift towards the fully connected home.

The Heatworks MODEL 3 water heater has no heating coils and instead uses naturally occurring minerals along with Ohmic Array technology in order to heat water and prevent scaling. This ensures that water is always as pure as possible and that corrosion is never an issue.

The Heatworks MODEL 3 smart water heater is engineered to save electricity, water and the planet by working to help users maintain better control over their home appliances. The Heatworks MODEL 3 connects to a home's WiFi network in order to let users control the temperature, flow and use from their smartphone.