From Bamboo Toothbrush Subscriptions to Farm-Sourced Soaps

 - Mar 26, 2017
The 2017 March eco trends reveal innovations in everything from clothing to school buses, but some of the more prominent patterns reveal hygiene-related products that are also environmentally friendly.

One such example is Maple Club's bamboo toothbrush subscription. This subscription allows those who sign up to enjoy using a bamboo toothbrush that is sustainable in its design. Each time a consumer receives one of these toothbrushes, the company donates one to someone in need, and also sends people to schools to teach the importance of green living.

The Cobble Hill Soap Co. offers a wide range of natural soaps that are based mostly in farm-sourced ingredients. With ingredients like honey, lavender and shea butter, the soaps are able to appease individuals who enjoy luxury products as well as those who enjoy eco-friendly products.