CRU Kafe Offers Guilt-Free, Nespresso-Compatible Single-Serving Pods

 - Feb 2, 2017
References: crukafe & ft
CRU Kafe is a London-based start-up that is working to remove the guilt pangs that accompany coffee drinking for many environmentally conscious consumers. Though at-home coffee machines that use pods are a popular way to get one's morning fix, those single-serving pods end up creating a significant amount of waste over time. CRU Kafe is aiming to solve that problem with its biodegradable coffee pods.

Nespresso was among the first companies to offer machines that brewed coffee out of pods, but the company was unable to defend its patent, allowing third-party producers to offer alternatives. As such, CRU Kafe's pods are compatible with Nespresso machines, so consumers can use them with the hardware they already own.

CRU Kafe's coffee is ethically sourced and organic, meaning both the used grounds and the pods themselves can be composted safely.