From Wine-Infused Coffee Beans to Preservative-Free Fruit Sodas

 - Mar 25, 2017
2017 March beverage trends reveal unique product innovations in both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and drinking-related items.

One such example is the coffee created by Molinari Private Reserve and Peete's Coffee, which offers beans that have been infused with wine. The red wine and coffee beans infusion comes together to create a deeper flavor profile in the coffee it creates. This unique combination would likely interest both wine aficionados and individuals who are interested in coffee-related innovations.

In order to counter a market that is overrun with sugar and preservative-filled soda products, the Australian brand CAPI was created to offer a healthier alternative. The collection of beverages are offered in fruity flavors and do not contain the unhealthy preservatives that so many sodas feature.