Tipu's Chai Offers Individually Packaged Indian Chai That Only Needs Water

The process of making a traditional Indian chai tea latte involves simmering a base of black tea with aromatic spices and herbs to create a sweet, creamy drink that blends well with milk. Between the boiling, the steeping and the total preparation time, this is a process that takes time to yield a high-quality result.

To significantly reduce the time it takes to enjoy a cup of chai, Tipu's Chai offers Tipu's Chai Now Single Serve Packets in Original, Espresso and Green Tea varieties. To make "one bold serving," one only needs to add the real spices from the packet to a cup of hot water.

In addition to selling its chai latte product in extremely convenient single-serve packets, Tipu's Chai Now also comes in a quick-brew line, as well as a Slow Brew option for those who have the luxury of time on their hands.