Six Barrel Soda Co. Offers Artisanal Beverages With Vibrant Labels

 - Feb 16, 2017
Six Barrel Soda Co. is a New Zealand-based beverage brand specializing in craft sodas that are elegantly packaged. Fusing vintage and modern visual details, the branding for these soda bottles consists of stark white labels that are and bright typography.

Each glass bottles boasts a white label and block letter logo that is accented with a matching geometric element. For example, the brand's plain soda water is branded using white and blue graphics, while its lemonade flavor boasts a citrus-themed yellow color scheme.

Embracing simplistic design details, Six Barrel Soda Co. reinvents vintage soda packaging for a new generation. Fusing retro and contemporary elements, the brand's visual identity is clean and elegant -- appealing to design-conscious Millennial consumers seeking beverages that are as Instagrammable as they are tasty.