- May 2, 2017
As an alternative to going to the pharmacy to pick up vitamins, many consumers are seeking out vitamin-enriched products from their local grocery store. Some of the snacks and meals that are being reinvented with a focus on health include items like chips, chocolates, gummy candies and instant noodles, all of which are often categorized as "junk foods."

In the same way that busy consumers are seeking out more on-the-go products in general across all categories of their lives, they are also looking for daily vitamins and supplements that can be easily added to their rituals.

While vitamins can often be found in freshly pressed bottled juices and smoothies, beverages like coffee, tea and even cocktail mixers are being enriched with additional benefits for health.

From Vitamin-Rich Veggie Chips to Phytonutrient Fruit Snacks: