The Tiny Gummies are Made with Active Cultures to Support Digestive Health

Little Duck Organics recently debuted a new fruit and veggie snack called Tiny Gummies, which is packed with healthy probiotics that help support children’s digestive health. With two delicious flavors to choose from and lunchbox-friendly packaging, the gummies are the perfect way to pack more probiotics into the diet of children.

The Tiny Gummies themselves are bite-sized snacks made from a combination of fruit and vegetables purees. In addition to superfood ingredients such as goji and acai berries, each serving is also packed with 1 billion active probiotic cultures that help to support healthy digestion and immunity. The gummies also feature a healthy dose of iron, antioxidants and vitamin C to give children an extra nutritional boost.

Free of gluten, dairy, nuts and GMOs, the fruity gummy snacks are a perfect option for health-conscious parents trying to improve their child's digestive health.