T Plus' 'Super Teas' are Enriched with Nine Essential Daily Vitamins

 - Apr 19, 2017
References: tplusdrinks
t+Boost, t+Detox, t+Immunitea and t+Multea are the four vitamin-enriched products that make up T Plus' Super Tea collection.

What makes these teas for wellness particularly alluring to health-conscious consumers is that they have been packed with nine essential vitamins to support overall well-being. For instance, while the t+Boost variety contains a base of energizing yerba mate and ginseng, it also contains B Vitaming that are integral to helping the body fight off feelings of tiredness and fatigue.

As an alternative to taking time out of their days to consume vitamins in the form of pills and capsules, many consumers are now looking for products that are enriched with vitamins that can be seamlessly integrated into their lifestyle.