From Clay-Based Dry Shampoos to Anti-Aging Hair Collections

 - Dec 23, 2017
These hair care gift ideas range from clay-based dry shampoos to anti-aging hair collections that aim to restore dry and damaged locks. When it comes to high performance beauty product offerings, standouts include Yanko Design's Delicious Dryer concept -- a hair dryer fitted with scent-infused cartridges that ensure one's hair is left smelling fresh for longer -- and FORM's exclusive hair care range which works to optimize the look of natural curls.

Those seeking an eco-friendly and sulfate-free hair care gift can opt for Drybar's 'On the Rocks' collection which includes shampoo products infused with activated charcoal, or Lush's naturally sourced solid shampoos which are simultaneously cruelty-free.

Other products to note include the sensor-driven Kerastase Hair Coach brush, along with Ouai's specialized hair supplements that tackle common concerns like dryness or oil buildup.