label.m's Highlighting Toners Help to Create #ColourPopRoots

 - May 25, 2017
References: hellogiggles
One of the main reasons that prevents people from dying their hair an unnatural color is the commitment that it requires—but this will not be a concern for consumers who use label.m's new hair highlighters.

The Highlighting Toners are made in colors for adding red, blue, brunette and blonde accents to hair, such as highlights and contours. label.m is promoting the use of these new hair products by encouraging consumers to embrace #NonCommittalColour and show off their #ColourPopRoots on social media. The temporary, quick-drying hair-coloring sprays are being touted as perfect products for parties, festivals, Halloween and other special events where a pop of low-maintenance hair color would be a fun way to elevate one's look.

After applying, styling and showing off a fun hair color, those who use the hair highlighters can simply remove the product by washing it out.