Nunzio Saviano's Unique Haircare Sheets Control Oil and Frizz

 - Sep 11, 2017
References: nunziosaviano & hellogiggles
Within the world of beauty, blotting papers are commonly used as an on-the-go solution for controlling oil and shine on the face. Now, Nunzio Saviano is introducing a similar product for one's hair.

Consumers are familiar with the idea that dry shampoo is generally offered in the form of a powder or a spray, but Nunzio Saviano's Dry Shampoo Blotting Sheets introduce an even more inventive form. Just like blotting sheets for the face, these portable papers boast the ability to absorb excess oil from hair, as well as aid with shine and static control. Using these sheets is as simple as pressing the papers into the hair and scalp and following with a brush to boost shine and volume.

These sheets can easily be taken on a plane as an alternative to a travel-sized liquid shampoo, and unlike liquid or powdered haircare products, spilling them is not even a possibility.