- Sep 7, 2018
There are many cannabis products that are designed to address medical concerns but a shift is happening that's leading to the creation of many cannabis-based beauty products. In the same way that many medical products provide topical relief and tackle issues like inflammation, this new wave of beauty products offers solutions for consumers with specific pain points and sensitivities. As such, cannabis is increasingly being included as a feature ingredient in luxury skincare and cosmetic products, including everything from brow gels and face serums to scrubs and mascaras.

With changing perceptions around cannabis, consumers are looking to celebrate. rather than conceal, its unique scent. Multiple examples of this include Wilde Vertigga's 'Wilde Kush' and MARY+JANE's 'Blue Dream' perfume, both of which take cues from popular strains and Herb Essentials' cannabis-infused roll-on perfume oil.

From Anti-Aging Cannabis Skincare to Glittering CBD Sunscreens: