Herb Essentials' Perfume Has Notes of Citrus, Patchouli & Dry Amber

 - Apr 23, 2018
References: herbessntls
Herb Essentials specializes in creating a range of cannabis-infused skincare products, including a roll-on Perfume Oil that is made with cannabis sativa seed oil. Alongside this ingredient, patchouli and dry amber can be found in the formula, along with the uplifting notes of citrus fruits. As Herb Essentials describes, the top notes of orange and bergamot "will dominate at first but gently fade into the deeper base notes."

Cannabis is now becoming a key ingredient in luxury skincare and beauty products, with consumers embracing the ingredient as a beneficial inclusion in lifestyle products.

In addition to its Perfume Oil, Herb Essentials also produces a range of other topical products, including a moisturizer, a body lotion and a moisturizing lip balm.