- Dec 16, 2018
As cannabis becomes legal in more places around the world, more brands are beginning to emerge with innovative products that utilize the iconic herb.

Combining the best in vaporizer technology and smart tech, the Peak smart bong is a top of the line smoking instrument that guarantees an incredible smoking experience. Touted as the world's first smart bong, this technological marvel features intelligent temperature control, haptic and LED feedback, and fast charging. The device is meant to be shared with multiple users as the smart bong can accurately memorize a users' position in a smoke circle.

Also featured on this list is an easy-to-use THC extractor known as the Magical Butter. Designed specifically for creating THC-infused ingredients, the device easily makes canna-butter and cannabis oil in an odorless environment. Using the Magical Butter is incredibly simple and can be operated in just the flip of a switch.

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