The SOWFLO IPA Uses Marijuana to Improve the Beer's Taste

 - Mar 29, 2018
References: pointybelbrew & news-press
The SOWFLO IPA being brewed at Point Ybel in south Fort Myers is a new craft beer that "might get you buzzed, but not baked." Infused with cannabis terpenes, this unique beverage offers drinkers a complex flavor profile that includes a piney and herbal aroma.

While this beer does contain marijuana, it doesn't feature the THC properties from the plant, meaning a user won't find themselves under the influence of anything but alcohol. According to the brew master, "The oils just have that piney, citrus quality that really complement the hops."

This isn't a first for the alcohol industry, as various brands have released alcoholic cannabis-infused concoctions since 2015. However, the SOWFLO IPA represents marijuana's multi-faceted use within the food and beverage industry, being used not for its medicinal capabilities, but for its taste.

Image credit: Amanda Inscore via The News-Press