- Feb 3, 2019
The top 2018 robot trends show the many ways in which robotic devices are becoming seamlessly integrated into our daily lives. Major fast food chains, museums, retail stores and warehouses are now adopting robotic systems for both customer-facing and behind-the-scenes operations, painting a picture for how a future with robots may well and truly look. As well as improving efficacy and helping to cut costs, robots also have the potential to transform familiar experiences into theatrical ones—as exemplified by eateries that are now using high-tech, elaborate machines to prepare foods like burgers before the eyes of diners.

For the home, there are now tons of robot companions of all shapes and sizes that can assist with everything from detecting leaks and washing windows to automating decisions—such as activating a smart vacuum cleaner when the floor is dirty.

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From Fitness-Focused Pet Robots to Seafaring Video Drones: