Aeolus is a Robot Created to Be a "Personal Helping Hand"

 - Jan 9, 2018
References: mashable
Aeolus is a in-home robot that was revealed at the CES convention this weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada. Specifically designed to be user's "personal helping hand," its functions are powered by Al. The in-home robot has the capability to understand where certain items belong in a household, returning them to the correct place, predicting potential health dangers, assisting in cleaning housework and more. Aeolus is constructed by a company that runs in both San Francisco, California, and Taipei City, Taiwan. The main difference that this in-home robot has to other robots are the installed arms. The prototype allows for Aeolus to have what it call 'grippers,' which can be altered to perform several tasks.

CEO Alexander Huang describes Aeolus as "the human's assistant." The robot goes beyond performing house duties that users don't want to do. In addition, it provides health security in assisting the disabled and the elderly. The company hopes to have this in-home robot accessible to homes by the end of 2018.