- Dec 15, 2018
These home decor gift ideas are bound to elevate any domestic space in terms of efficiency, comfort, or simple design aesthetics. These products range from lighting, rugs, candles, shelves, vases, and more.

Streetwear culture is a large focus this year, and it finds itself falling under more categories than just fashion. Some labels such as Stussy, Supreme, and OFF-WHITE designed decor items for domestic settings. Stussy's PVC Welcome Mat is an example of this. It is weather-resistant and complete with the streetwear imprint's signature font in a monochromatic finish of black and white.

Anothe added touch to home design includes unique illumination systems, and the Wind Up lamp designed by Julien Bergingnat channeling nostalgic memories in a contemporary design. The lamp is designed to imitate a bubble and it is activated with a quick blow.

From Streetwear Brand Welcome Mats to Bubble Wand-Inspired Illuminators: