The 'BalloonVase' by Evan Gant Uses Simple Materials for Charming Results

 - Jan 9, 2018
References: shapeways & yankodesign
The 'BalloonVase' by Evan Gant is a simple yet charming approach to home decor that utilizes a traditional balloon to create a small vase that's ideal for keeping your favorite flowers on your workstation or in your home.

The decor item works by incorporating a 3D-printed support structure that enables a balloon to be stretched over it to create a vessel that can be filled with water. The swelling design creates a look that's bulbous or rippled to enable a certain sense of customization for users.

The 'BalloonVase' acknowledges the growing demand for products that incorporate simple materials in new, unexcited ways to personalize a home or office space. As 3D printing continues to become a more viable approach for design, we'll likely continue to see designers creating quirky items with charming new aesthetics.