The 'I Heart Guts!' Heart is the Perfect Gift for Valentine's Day

 - Jan 24, 2018
References: iheartguts
Consumers can easily give their heart this Valentine's Day with the 'I Heart Guts!' heart-shaped plush toy. The product is safe for individuals of all ages and carries an educational appeal. The company is well-known for its organ-inspired plush line, which includes toys in the form of spleens, brains, kidneys, lungs, colons and more.

The anatomically correct heart-shaped plush toy can double as a home decoration or as a pillow. The toy takes the form of a super-soft high-quality embroidered plush. Each toy in the collection comes with an educative booklet that informs recipients about the functionality of the represented organ. In other words, it is not only a good Valentine's gift gift for just anyone, but is also a wonderful choice for the med student significant other.