Emma Leth's Home is a Curious and Whimsical Wonderland

 - Feb 23, 2018
References: vogue
Emma Leth is a model and aspiring filmmaker, who extends wondrous narratives to her home with an inspired fairytale interior design. Currently working on a movie about a woman in a house, her "cabinet-of-curiosities type flat" in Copenhagen certainly extends storytelling into the real world.

Living with her one year-old son Abel and her artist fiancé Tal R, there is never a dull moment in the whimsical household. The fairytale interior design is overloaded by cultural references and stylistically clashing elements, but somehow Emma Leth pulls it off and her fantastical home decor becomes an integral part of her narrative. The pink-paneled walls are an eye-catching collage of painted outerworldy shapes and creatures, while exquisitely vintage items, that are spread out in the fairytale interior design, captivate the more observant visitor.

Photo Credits: Philip Messmann