APPortfolio Helps Hajime Sorayama Bring His Painting to Life

A "coffee table-ready" metal robot sculpture is the product of a collaboration between APPortfolio and artist Hajime Sorayama. At 52 centimeters tall, the Sorayama Classic Robot SURF is a home decor object, inspired by the legendary illustrator's robot painting from 1984.

The piece boasts a movable joint skeleton and LED light detailing. Thanks to the smoothness and minimalist qualities in the material, the art work has a certain elegance to it. The decorative metal robot sculpture is a testimonial of Hajime Sorayama's knowledge of the structural and functional aspects of robotics. Communicating an overall futuristic aesthetic, the Sorayama Classic Robot SURF is a limited edition piece, as only 500 units were crafted from mixed materials and alloy.

Photo Credits: Stanley Cheng