- Jan 12, 2019
These 2018 furniture trends focus on a variety of different elements, including functionality, versatility, visual aesthetics, and quality construction. This list of furniture design highlights design and comfort in ways that beautifully compliment a setting, both indoors and outdoors.

Thompson Woodwork's Matt Thompson designs the 'Michigan Wine Chair,' which is an outdoor furniture piece that is inspired by Rube Goldberg. It is a chair that is accompanied by a special wine-pouring system, activated by a lever. This functional furniture piece delivers convenience and relaxation. Another great idea in 2018 is the 'LeanRite Elite' seat by Ergo Impact. It is an adjustable standing chair that highlights an ergonomic and orthopedic focus. It also has the option of attaching a portable shiatsu massage pillow to relieve any back pain without affecting one's productivity. This design also enables a decrease in blood pressure and heart rate due to the posture it encourages.

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From Wine-Serving Lounge Chairs to Ergonomic Standing Desk Chairs: