Francesco Rota's PLUS System is Practical and Versatile

 - Jan 9, 2018
References: design-milk
There are no constants for how each individual lives and works, so Francesco Rota designed a collection of modular furniture to fit the versatility that is life. The designs are practical for homeowners who are not seeking to replace everything upon moving. Francesco Rota's furniture is designed to be adaptable into any home or space because of its infinite possibilities of reconstruction. Originally designed for Lapalma, the PLUS system features rounded and soft elements, which include seats of different shapes -- either squared, rectangular or rounded. The collection also consists of backrests that vary in size, an armrest and a table.

The minimal design of these modular furniture pieces can be altered to fit any type of seating arrangements within any large living space or lounging area. The side tables also has the option to be equipped with power supplies for charging purposes. The opportunities for consumers to customize these modular furniture pieces is broad as PLUS comes in an array of colors and fabrics, with the choice to add Rota's screen for more privacy.