- Feb 25, 2019
These low-tech workplace innovations aim to elevate the employee experience and enhance convenience without relying on automated processes, apps or other technology. Standouts include furniture pieces that are modular and easy to transform while encouraging interaction and conversation among team members.

Other notable examples include soundproofing products that are visually striking while blocking out excess noise and ensuring a distraction-free space for ideation. Cory Grosser's noise-cancelling panels draw inspiration from nature, channeling a green wall and are modular for easy customization. The panels are ideal for large scale meetings, helping participants maintain a noise-free space while making sure they're not disturbing others outside their meeting.

When it comes to innovative workplace perks that encourage collaboration and creative thinking, standouts include Toronto Humane Society's special Office Visit Sponsorship program -- pairing businesses with canine companions -- and Japan-based Crazy Inc's sleep-rewarding employee initiative which helps well-rested staff earn food vouchers for free lunches.

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