The Post-it Extreme Notes Help Communication in Challenging Environments

 - Feb 12, 2018
References: post-it & foodandwine
Post-it notes are commonly found in student bedrooms, as well as some professional settings such as meeting rooms and personal workstations—Post-it Extreme Notes have the potential to be used in even more challenging settings.

Unlike many other sticky notes that become rendered useless in high or low temperatures, or wet conditions, Post-it Extreme Notes have the ability to withstand it all. As such, these sticky notes are ideal for challenging settings such as the back end of restaurants, where there's plenty of heat, cold fridges, pots that release steam and deliveries that must be sent out into the world.

Post-it Extreme Notes are said to have a wax-like feel and are more difficult to tear than the original varieties. 3M notes that these communication tools may can even handle getting wet after being applied to a dry surface.

Image Credit: Post-it