From Freshness-Detecting Coffee Grinders to Automated Plant Waterers

 - Jul 1, 2016
As the June 2016 tech trends reveal, consumers are increasingly looking for smart home products that help them complete daily tasks with ease. With home technology no longer limited to devices such as digital thermostats and automated lights, it is now possible for consumers to give nearly any household object a high-tech upgrade.

One area of the home that continues to benefit from new technology is that of the kitchen. Indeed, smartphone-controlled appliances have become the go-to option for busy consumers who want to start cooking their next meal before they have even walked through the door. Some examples of smart kitchen appliances include coffee grinders, induction cookers and even tortilla-making machines.

Beyond the kitchen, the June 2016 tech trends reveal a specific focus on smart air conditioners. With summer just around the corner, it seems that consumers are turning to new technology to help them beat the heat. Some of these smart AC units feature high-end functions such as smartphone compatibility, build-in ice packs and electricity-saving water reservoirs.