The 'Jller' Sorts Pebbles Automatically by Their Geological Age

 - May 23, 2016
References: prokopbartonicek & thisiscolossal
The 'Jller' is an automated machine that can sort stones from the Iller river in Germany by their age and the result is beautiful machine-automated river stone art.

Combining geology, industrial automation and performance art, the machine works to tell a story about the German river. It works by analyzing the stones, making assumptions about their age from its analysis and then placing the stone in a pre-determined location to reflect the time stamp of the stones' position. Based on color, layers, patterns and surface texture, the machine is able to accurately determine the age of the stone and formulate this beautiful river stone art.

The end result of the machine's efforts is a large display outlining the timeline of the stones and showing visible patterns that aim to tell a story about the river.