This Bike Alarm Creates a Loud Bang and Emits Smoke to Alert You

 - May 16, 2016
References: kickstarter & gizmodo
The 'BIKE MINE' bike alarm is said to be the world's loudest of its kind -- waking you up or alerting passersby to a possible theft. Although the BIKE MINE creates what looks and sounds to be an explosion, the bike alarm is totally safe and simply startles whoever is trying to steal it.

The device is simply adhered to the bike and works as a spring-loaded trap, covered in a rubber coating to prevent scratches on your goods. The BIKE MINE was created by engineer Yannick Read who previously had his own bike and motorbike stolen from him, even though both had been securely locked up.

The BIKE MINE is small and activated quickly, working in all weather conditions and requires no batteries. The device can be attached to bikes, motorbikes, boats and jet skis.