This Smart Coffee Grinder Can Detect the Freshness of Beans

 - May 18, 2016
References: foodbev
The US company Get It Right (GIR), is set to launch a Kickstarter campaign for a smart coffee grinder that can detect the freshness of the beans. With more consumers looking to elevate the at home coffee-drinking experience, this grinder provides an easy way to prepare a perfect cup each time.

The GIR Grinder is a high-tech appliance that helps consumers grind their coffee more efficiently. In addition to its coffee-grinding abilities, the device is also compatible with an accompanying smartphone app that lets users known how much coffee is remaining and when they need to replenish their supply. The device even provides users with information about the freshness of the beans so that they never have to face the disappointment of preparing a stale-tasting coffee again. To top it off, the grinder features a sleek design that makes an otherwise ordinary product a standout kitchen accessory.

The smart coffee grinder caters to the growing demand for connected appliances that helps to elevate the at home coffee experience.