From Mobile Brick Ovens to Minimalist Cold Brew Machines

 - Jul 3, 2016
With summer just around the corner, the June 2016 kitchen trends reveal an emphasis on gadgets that help consumers prepare their favorite warm-weather dishes at home. Along with conventional appliances such as barbecues and grills, there is also a demand for more unique kitchen gadgets such as coffee machines that are specially designed for preparing cold brew.

With the idea of consumers buying barbecues is nothing new, the kinds of grills they are purchasing has changed. For instance, consumers can now purchase rustic brick ovens that are compact and lightweight enough to use almost anywhere. There are also tabletop Korean grills available for those who are interested in experimenting with different cooking techniques.

Beyond outdoor cooking, consumers are also preparing for the summer by whipping up different types of cold drinks. Indeed, the June 2016 kitchen trends reveal that consumers are increasingly looking for appliances that can help them prepare drinks such as cold brew and fresh fruit smoothies in the comfort of their own home.