The Norpro Nonstick Splatter Guard Prevents Grease from Escaping Pans

 - May 20, 2016
References: amzn & dudeiwantthat
The Norpro Nonstick Splatter Guard is designed to eliminate the need to constantly keep pan cooking covered and protect the rest of your cooktop from grease splatters.

The folding design of the product enables users to keep it stored easily without having to dedicate large amounts of space to it. It helps to keep food and oils where they belong, and helps to prevent the instance of oil buildup and even potential fire. Being that it blocks oil from falling into the surrounding area and elements, the Norpro Nonstick Splatter Guard could help to prevent a fire during or after cooking.

Cooking various kinds of veggies and meats can produce pops of oil when stirring, so the device is a must for anyone who partakes in pan cooking. The device features a durable non-stick coating and requires washing by hand.