From Cannabis-Friendly Gyms to Protein Water Beverages

 - Jul 3, 2016
These June 2016 lifestyle trends range from cannabis-friendly gyms to protein water beverages that appeal to a niche audience of active consumers. In addition to niche workouts and fitness facilities, the month's other notable innovations center around important life events like weddings and high school prom celebrations. While heroic prom attire illustrates youth's dedication to cinematic pop culture imagery, edgy bridal collections are appealing to non-traditional brides who wish to express their distinct sense of style on their big day.

In the realm of food and beverage, these June 2016 lifestyle trends range from social media-inspired beer flavors to glass-finish cakes that are almost too gorgeous to eat. While desserts are becoming more decadent and conceptual than ever before, alcohol brands and independent microbreweries are standing apart from competitors with distinct branding concepts and ingredients that let drinkers indulge without the guilt.