These Machines Use Flavored Pods to Create Delicious At-Home Tortillas

 - May 8, 2016
References: qz & kickstarter
While consumers have been able to enjoy the convenience of coffee pods and juice pods to make their favorite beverages, they can now use flavored pods in this tortilla-cooking machine.

The creators of the Flatev were inspired to make this machine because they wanted to be able to make tortillas properly without having to take several hours to do it and without having to buy the 'inauthentic' tortillas that could be found at grocery stores. After choosing the desired flavor, the user inserts the "dough pod" into the pod drawer of the Flatev, adjusts the settings to suit their needs and the tortilla cooks within seconds.

The company says that this allows users to focus on the part that should be time-consuming -- whatever the user wants to put in the tortilla. The Flatev was built to make the cooking process easier and hopes to one day create the same technology to make roti and crepes.