This Cristal Dressing Combines Balsamic Cream with Hot Peppers

 - May 18, 2016
Balsamic is known to come in many flavored varieties, but this 'Balsamic Cream with Hot Pepper' dressing from Cristal offers a spicy and textured twist to the conventional sauce.

The dressing melds the naturally sweet flavors of the vinegar with spicy peppers for a new take on both the balsamic and hot sauce categories. Now more than ever, consumers are looking to become part of the foodie movement by embracing products like these that will enhance the snacks and meals they eat at home. Cristal suggests that this spicy pepper balsamic cream dressing is ideal for enhancing everything from fried rice dishes to jellies and cheeses.

Other inventive Balsamic Cream flavors from Cristal include a White Balsamic Cream and a Balsamio Cream, which is a sweeter, more concentrated reduction of the sauce.